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Intro to the Drums

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If you have always wanted to be a drummer but were hampered by a sight impairment then this is your course! In this totally audio-driven 4 CD course you will learn how to sit at the drums, proper warm-up exercises, drum placement, and the most commonly used drum patterns in modern music like the Rock, Waltz, Polka and Swing Rhythms as well as several Dance/Rap patterns. Also included are lessons on timing and the rudimentary rolls which are the basis for most of the fill-in rolls you do on the trap set. This course is loaded with 40 professionally recorded tracks to listen to and play-along with.

This course uses no print notation so it is perfect for those who don’t read music. The course covers about 3 to 6 months of private lessons.

$39 plus s/h for Tape or CD
$35 for Downloadable