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Learning By Ear

How Does it Work?

When you use a “By Ear” lesson you are getting the same instruction you would have if you were in the room with a world-class teacher who was demonstrating a passage of the song, and then teaching it to you in step-by-step detail. Because there is no music or tab involved you are by-passing the written aspect of learning and going straight to the verbal language centers of you brain which are better developed and faster at learning music. You also memorize the song while you learn it and develop your ability to learn other songs “by ear.”

There are over 1000 songs, in various levels, covering all popular styles, that are taught in this format. If you are a first year student you can start using any of the level one lessons. The levels are indicated by the number of asterisks “*” after the titles or by the terms beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

I have been teaching songs like these, taught in this “by ear” format, for over thirty years, and I am still amazed to see a student remember a forgotten passage of a song by me just humming it for him or her. They really do make an association between what they hear in their head and what they do on their instrument. Try a couple of these out and see how you can learn in a couple of hours what it would take you to get from about 6 weeks of private lessons.

Music and Blessings!

Bill Brown

Guitar by Ear

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