About Us

Music for the Blind is a result of the decades-long work of Bill Brown. He started recording music lessons for his private students in the 90’s for them to use at home and then later made these lessons available for sale through the mail and internet. These lessons made learning “by ear” not only easy and inexpensive, but also available to anyone who could play a tape, CD or mp3.

Once the blind community found about these “by ear” lessons they became the majority of the users of these lessons for piano and guitar. It was about this time that Mr. Brown made a series of introductory courses for the guitar and piano that were specifically recorded with the visually-impaired in mind. These courses, “Intro the Guitar for the Visually Impaired,” and “Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired” became the bedrock of the Music for the Blind platform that exists today.

Currently there are “Intro to.. ” courses for over a dozen instruments as well as hundreds of “by ear” song lessons for several of these instruments as follow-up lessons. Because of these efforts anyone can learn to play their favorite musical instrument without using music, tab, print, video or BRAILLE!