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Welcome to Music For The Blind!

Here you will find over 1200 lessons and courses, for over a dozen instruments, taught completely “by ear.”

Complete Courses start at only $35!
Song Lessons start at only $10

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All of his music-education career Bill Brown has been teaching his students to play songs “by ear.” In the early 1990’s he started recording his “by ear” lessons so that his students could take the lessons home and learn more songs at a faster pace. He noticed that this style of learning was of a particular advantage to his visually impaired students.

As these “Guitar by Ear” and “Piano by Ear” song lessons became available through mail-order, he added two beginner courses to his line up of “by ear” offerings – ”Intro to the Guitar for the Visually Impaired,” and “Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired.” Through the use of these “Intro to” courses a beginning student could learn the basics needed to enter Bill Brown’s “by ear” world, even if this student was visually impaired.

The number of “Intro to” courses is now over a dozen and the “by ear” song lesson list keeps growing from it’s current 1100+ mark. On this site you can purchase the courses and lessons on CD or Tape or as downloadable mp3’s.


Hear an interview with Bill Brown talking about music and his “by ear” teaching method on Robert Carter, the Tech Doctor’s podcast.


Listen to a podcast interview Bill had with Alvaro Gutierrez of Low Vision Bureau. Listen to the podcast at PodOmatic.

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